Robert Vizzini

NEW WORK—New Direction 

I am working on a new direction in my photographic work, or should I say my artwork. I have just started to experiment with chemigrams, a cameraless form of imagery incorporating photographic paper and chemicals along with resist substances. As photograms are still in the tradition of photography being writing with light, chemigrams are more writing with chemicals. So they are in many ways their own category lending multiple elements from painting and graphic design as well as photography and in a very large way their element of chance. Much of the process is not controllable making each print a unique object. 

What you will see here now are some of my very first attempts at this process. I look forward to working with this process to see where my skills and developing aesthetic take me. 

Take a look at my first efforts on my CHEMIGRAMS page. 



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At left: Caged Sky 

New York, NY, 1999