I was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1952. When I was eight years old, I was exposed to the work of Edward Weston on an early edition of the Today Show. His poetic vision opened to me a magnificent world of the natural and ordinary beauty around us. 

I had my moments of inspiration, building and designing model cars, planes, ships, and rockets. The space race was going full force in the 60’s and I was fascinated with it. Following all the flights, contacting NASA and the various aircraft companies even the Russian embassy about their space program and collecting photos and all manner of technical data  

about space flight. I was aching for the courage to express what was inside me, be who I really was. 

I have become aware of how my earliest life experiences have shaped my visual sensibility. My childhood fears and isolation going unchecked for so long made me turn to the visual for satisfaction and comfort. That is why I feel I have been internalizing images my whole life. Seeing the beauty in the soft curves and the jagged edges of living. Through my gravitation to the solitude of the night and inspiration  

of the land, sea and sky, I search for the peace and spiritual connection with others that I have been hungering for my whole life. In a sense I look to my  

art to be grounding, consoling. 

Being out in the expanse of nature gives me the sense of freedom that I have been looking for since childhood, release from my inner demons and a trust  

in the eternal. I see this now as much of the driving force for the way I do my photography and attraction  

for much of the subject matter I choose. 

Robert Vizzini 



Photo © Walter Thomson, 2017